A Green Solution for American Progress and JOBS
We are working to establish America's first Green Transportation Initiative-A National Monorail Train Service running down the center mediums of our divided highways. This is an Idea whose time has
come.  America is in need of  positive focus and
Jobs.  We are hoping to enlist the help of Disney
and Bombardier to make this a seamless, people
and environment  friendly project.

SKYTRAIN will unite our communities from coast
to coast and create thousands of jobs in masonry, computers, the building industry,  travel and hotel industries, electronics, manufacturing, and even
the food industry. SKYTRAIN will relieve traffic
congestion and reduce smog and will NOT take
up green space.

SKYTRAIN views will be beautiful, the journey will
be luxuriousm and our people will be dedicated to
safety and service.

SKYTRAIN Safety, Service, Style
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